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Modern Technology Improving Drain Cleaning in New Jersey

Our drain cleaning company in New Jersey provides CCTV inspections. Video camera inspection of both drains and clean water pipes allow the technicians to view problems without digging. Using a camera attached to the end of a flexible cable, the Certified Inspector probes the line and provides a clear picture of any obstructions or breaks, and helps pinpoint the location of the issue. While older methods, like dye tests and signal detectors, can be used when necessary, these techniques aren’t as precise as video camera inspection, which provides actual live footage of the issue. And, the camera and attached light can be moved back and forth to see the full extent of the problem from many angles.

Knowing exactly what needs to be fixed saves time and money. And, video inspection is recommended before purchasing a home, so that sewer line or water main issues can be addressed before the sale, and the buyer can negotiate effectively based on the real condition of the plumbing.

Buying a home is the biggest purchase most of use will make. Older homes, in particular, should be inspected annually with CCTV to ensure that any issue, like tree root intrusion or cracked seals, is handled promptly. Problems with sewer lines cost far more to fix later when the damage is severe, and tree growth that may not have been an issue can suddenly become one when the growing roots break through and cause a blockage.

Protecting the value of your home investment is crucial to lifetime financial security. Underground pipe leaks can impact your foundation, leading to repairs in the tens of thousands of dollars if left unchecked. Both the clean water and sewer pipes can degrade over time, requiring prompt fixing to minimize potential harm to your foundation. Digging may not be necessary if the issue can be caught early and repaired, and digging involves removing and replacing landscaping and fencing, an additional cost and inconvenience.